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As WNi restructures it will be updated with more stuff soon.

This is WNetworks interactive, building off Information Sciences education from a bulk at the Rochester Institute of Technology and teachings from an aluminus at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This research is focused on using Web Algorithms and other computer science techniques to investigate some of the emerging problems in infoanalysis research. WNi's current projects include XML, CSS, and generalized methods for analysis of markup data. As the system administrator for WNetworks interactive, WNi ensures the proper care and feeding of all of our servers and workstations. WNetworks interactive also contributes to the Limestone community.

Information Sciences

WNi's core process is focused on finding combinations of codes that are important in developing interfaces to RAW data. These algorithms could be used in database pages where insights based on meaningful information. This is a very popular and exciting field to be working with and within. This type of non-natural science is unlike computer science where you only worry about the code and hardware. There are many orgizations that do not fully appreciate the importance of this conceptual difference, and WNi is currently working on a general algorithm for variable selection that will be applicable to the results from database experiments.


WNi does a great deal of programming in daily life, ranging from throwaway scripts to large collaborative software development projects. Approximately 80% of my programming is done in the PHP programming language. PHP gives WNi a great deal of flexibility in that WNi can write programs big or small in PHP, and WNi can reuse code from programmers around the world by downloading modules from The source. Serendipitously, PHP is also one of the most popular languages in Information Sciences. PHP is certainly not the best tool for every job, but WNi has found it useful enough to use much of the time.

When WNi doesn't write programs in PHP, it's usually for one of three reasons:

In cases where WNi can't use PHP, WNi will usually write in C, C++ or Perl as these seem to be some of the more popular languages in computer science these days. WNi can use a smattering of Java and ASP, and WNi has occasionally been known to do some programming in .NET Framework.